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Everyone’s Guide to The Street Smarts

By Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum
A collection of essays on the topics of chain letters, psychic fraud, Ponzi schemes, MLM pyramid schemes, schemes of deception, health and medical fraud, business fraud, bait and switch scams, religious fraud, and much more. Protect yourself from the scam artists and cheats who try to rip you off!

One must realize that there are many con artists out there who have been trying to steal money from our community with schemes of all sorts.  I know that these scam artists will never end but if we can stop even one of them, it’ll be well worth it. I've put some of my articles together so that others can learn from these experiences. Past experience has proven that not everyone is familiar with these matters and therefore may have given incorrect advice to their good friends. I do hope these articles will help clarify the subject and prevent people from falling into the hands of the many charlatans waiting to pounce upon the gullible and uninformed. No matter which business one is in, one must learn to be very careful lest one loses all he has earned. The better informed you are the more difficult it will be to fool you.

While our schools teach the kids the three R’s – reading, ‘riting and ‘rifmetic, they are not fully prepared to step into the world where one needs to have street smarts in order to navigate one’s way through the many minefields that lay in our path. Since no one lives for one thousand years, it’s important that we learn from other people’s experiences and mistakes rather than having to try to learn from the school of hard knocks. We must not only become book smart, but street smart as well, or we may easily be left fleeced in a world full of scavengers and vultures. I suggest that accomplished doctors, lawyers, store owners and all sorts of business men be invited into our classrooms and teach our students from their own life experiences. Let our students hear it directly from those that have first hand experiences. There are plenty of parents among a school’s student body with lots of on the job experience that can be extremely helpful in teaching our youngsters the in and outs of the business world. There is no better way for them to learn it, then to hear it first hand from those who have gone through it themselves.

Being street wise can be far more helpful than all the textbooks in the world. In our day and time we must learn the ways of the world from those who know it first hand. We can’t afford learning it on the go!

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