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Religious Scams

By Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum

No scam is as dangerous and widespread as is the religious scam. It’s the biggest and first scam in the world. While money or health scams may cause us great damage in this world, religious scams are far more deadly since they affect our soul in the World to Come.

Most people in the world have been fooled into accepting all sorts of false religious beliefs and worshiping worthless gods and images. In the days when prophecy existed, the real prophets were greatly outnumbered by the many false ones that claimed that they were the true prophets. It wasn’t easy to know whom to trust and who was telling the truth. Charlatans would use their clever powers of persuasion and all sorts of miraculous claims to spread their false religious beliefs to millions of their addicted followers. Religion is a big time business. Priests and others have used it to fill their coffers with gold and silver. It is very difficult to give any estimate of how much money is extracted yearly by these religious faith healers.

Even within Judaism, the one and only true religion, there have always been movements that have distorted the truth. False messianic claims have been quite commonplace with people like Shabtai Tzvi only one of the many charlatans that has successfully misled and deceived thousands of people. Even within Orthodox Judaism there have been many charlatans that have cheated us by selling us holy objects such as teffilin, mezzuzos or Sifrei Torah that are counterfeit or of no value. We have often been deceived by the phony charity collectors who have cheated us out of performing a mitzvah. No matter how smart we think we are, it is nearly impossible to protect ourselves from all those who wish to scam us. This is why we must constantly pray that G-d protect us from being mislead and show us the real path to follow. Without His help we could never do it alone.

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